How to Add Volume to Your Hair

Adding volume to your locks is one sure game-changer for your looks if you have thin hair, do not worry, there are ways you can add volume to your locks from products to styling your locks.

In this piece, we will discuss how to add volume to your hair and keep in mind that Lordhair premium hairpieces will help you add volume to your locks instantly without stress or any side effects, let’s dive deeper!

Products for More Volume

  • Select a shampoo recipe that is specifically made to give your hair a lift instead of one that weighs it down
  • Conditioner can create a thick residue that weighs down your roots, even while it’s fantastic for detangling hair and sealing in moisture. Just the ends of your hair should receive a volumizing conditioner to provide moisture where it is most needed. Don’t use conditioner at all if your hair is short or prone to oiliness
  • Try applying your conditioner first if your locks are dry and you need to condition more of it than just the ends. Then, to give them even more lift, dab a little shampoo directly at the roots. To avoid having to condition again, try to get the shampoo exclusively onto your roots
  • Applying volumizing products to damp hair is the most effective way to achieve volume, so after taking a shower, apply mousse, foam, or gel to your roots
  • Look for products with the word “volumizing” on the label when you wash or style your locks. When in doubt, use products meant for thin or fine hair, as they will attempt to add volume. Select mousses and whips for styling rather than heavy-duty creams or gels for your locks. Even with excellent products, residue can accumulate and make your locks appear greasy. Once a week or two, wash your locks with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all product buildup.

Styling for More Volume

  • Backcombing, often known as teasing, is the technique of brushing your hair in reverse to add volume. A toothbrush or a fine-tooth comb can be used to tease your hair. Start combing downward from a portion of hair that is held straight up, about 2 inches away from your head. To conceal the teased area, softly smooth the upper layer of your locks over it once you’ve achieved the desired volume
  • To get loose waves, use a curling iron to curl your hair. Soft curls produced by larger curling irons are ideal for adding volume. For a glitzy Old Hollywood look, you can use a soft brush or your fingers to smooth out the curls
  • If you want fullness on top, wear your locks with a deep side part. You can get extra hair on your head by splitting your hair even wider to one side. This will give the appearance that you have greater volume in your locks. If your locks are too short for a typical part, comb it to the side.

Hairstyles for Volume

  • Cut the sides of your short locks closer to your head while leaving the top longer to create the illusion of voluminous hair. Use a round brush and volumizing product to style the top to give it a lift
  • Layers might give the appearance of thinner hair, particularly if you choose a style that features a lot of layering. To make your hair appear fuller, choose a bob or a comparable style that features a strong, blunt line at the bottom
  • After giving your hair a quick shot of light hairspray or a dab of styling gel, comb through the front of your hair to make it stand.

More Tips for You!

  • To stimulate your locks to grow thicker, massage your fingers down your scalp for approximately five minutes each day. Although benefits may not be seen for several months, you can still benefit from this calming routine that can give the appearance of fuller, thicker locks. You can momentarily lift the hair close to your roots by massaging your scalp. Apply a light mist of hairspray to your fingertips before massaging to extend the hold of the volume.
  • To maintain the health of your locks, choose foods high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. For your follicles to develop strong, they need a nutritious diet. Make an effort to vary your meals by consuming nutritious grains, lean proteins, and fresh veggies. These are rich in vitamins, minerals including iron and zinc, and protein.  A healthier diet is a better long-term plan for maintaining the health of your locks!

Use a Hairpiece for Instant Volume

Do you want a faster and instant way to add volume to your locks? Try using hairpieces, all you need to do is attach them to your locks and will make your locks appear fuller while still keeping the natural look. Unlike other methods to add volume to your locks, hairpieces allow you to make your locks fuller with little or no effort. Want to give it a try? Choose Lordhair premium hairpieces that will offer you the most authentic look. Check out some products!

Neo Men’s Toupee

The Neo is for men’s hair replacement units who like French lace and all the realism and breathability it offers but would prefer something easier to handle and attach. The Neo men’s hair replacement units combine a French lace top and front with a thin skin perimeter.

Fiona Women’s Hairpiece

For women with thinning and sparse hair, this silk-top topper helps add natural-looking volume, whilst being durable and practical with clips for easy attachment and removal.

Bottom Line

Use a volumizing shampoo to wash your locks and simply condition the ends to build volume. Apply mousse or another volumizing product to the roots of your locks while it’s still damp. Next, use a round brush to blow-dry your hair in 2-inch portions. Try combing your locks the other way from where your natural part is and blow-drying it for ten seconds at the roots to get even more volume. For an easier and faster way to add volume to your locks, use Lordhair premium hairpieces!

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