How to Turn Off Your PS5: A Comprehensive Guide

The PlayStation 5 (PS5), with its powerful hardware and innovative features, has become a staple in the gaming community. However, even seasoned gamers sometimes struggle with the seemingly simple task of turning off their consoles. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various methods to power down your PS5, ensuring your console is turned off correctly to prolong its lifespan and ensure its optimal performance.

Understanding the Power States of the PS5

Before delving into the steps to turn off your PS5, it’s essential to understand the different power states the console can be in:

  1. On: The console is fully powered and operational.
  2. Rest Mode: The console is in a low-power state, allowing it to download updates and charge controllers. It’s not entirely off but uses less power than the “On” state.
  3. Off: The console is completely powered down and uses no power.

Method 1: Using the DualSense Controller

The easiest and most common method to turn off your PS5 is through the DualSense controller. Here are the steps:

  1. Press the PS Button: Locate the PS button on your DualSense controller. It’s situated between the two analog sticks and has the PlayStation logo on it. Press it once to bring up the Control Center.
  2. Access the Power Menu: In the Control Center, navigate to the “Power” icon. It’s represented by a power symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the Desired Option: Once in the Power menu, you will see three options: “Enter Rest Mode,” “Turn Off PS5,” and “Restart PS5.” Choose “Turn Off PS5” to power down your console completely.

Method 2: Using the Physical Power Button on the Console

For those who prefer a more tactile approach, turning off the PS5 using the physical power button on the console itself is straightforward:

  1. Locate the Power Button: The power button on the PS5 is a small, rectangular button located on the front of the console. If your PS5 is positioned vertically, it will be at the bottom; if horizontal, it will be on the right side.
  2. Press and Hold the Power Button: Press and hold the power button for about three seconds. You will hear one beep immediately, indicating that the console has recognized your press. Continue holding until you hear a second beep, signaling that the PS5 is powering down completely.

Method 3: Turning Off the PS5 via the Quick Menu

Another efficient way to turn off your PS5 is through the Quick Menu:

  1. Open the Control Center: Press the PS button on your DualSense controller to open the Control Center.
  2. Navigate to the Power Icon: Scroll to the power icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose “Turn Off PS5”: Select “Turn Off PS5” from the options available.

Method 4: Using Voice Commands (if enabled)

If you have the voice command feature enabled on your PS5, you can use it to turn off your console:

  1. Activate Voice Commands: Say, “Hey PlayStation,” to activate the voice command feature.
  2. Give the Command: Say, “Turn off PS5.” The console will recognize the command and proceed to shut down.

Method 5: Turning Off PS5 from Remote Play

If you are using Remote Play to control your PS5 from another device, you can also turn off your console remotely:

  1. Access the Remote Play App: Open the Remote Play app on your compatible device.
  2. Connect to Your PS5: Ensure you are connected to your PS5.
  3. Open the Power Menu: Access the Power menu within the app.
  4. Select “Turn Off PS5”: Choose the option to turn off your PS5 remotely.

Best Practices for Turning Off Your PS5

Turning off your PS5 correctly is crucial for maintaining its health and longevity. Here are some best practices:

  1. Avoid Unplugging Directly: Always use one of the methods mentioned above to turn off your PS5. Unplugging the console directly from the power source can cause data corruption or damage the hardware.
  2. Use Rest Mode for Short Breaks: If you plan to take a short break, use Rest Mode instead of turning off the console completely. This mode saves power and allows for quick resumption of your gaming session.
  3. Regularly Update Your Console: Ensure your PS5 has the latest firmware updates to avoid any potential issues that might arise from outdated software.
  4. Keep Your Console Clean: Dust and debris can accumulate in the console’s vents, leading to overheating. Regularly clean the exterior and ensure the vents are not obstructed.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter issues while trying to turn off your PS5, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  1. Unresponsive Console: If your PS5 becomes unresponsive, try holding down the power button for at least seven seconds. This will force the console to shut down.
  2. Power Button Issues: If the physical power button doesn’t work, use the controller method to turn off the console.
  3. Controller Not Syncing: If your DualSense controller isn’t syncing, connect it to the PS5 using a USB cable and try again.


Turning off your PS5 may seem straightforward, but knowing the correct procedures can prevent potential issues and extend the life of your console. Whether you prefer using the DualSense controller, the physical power button, voice commands, or Remote Play, this guide covers all the necessary steps to ensure your PS5 is powered down safely and efficiently. By following these methods and best practices, you can enjoy your gaming experience without any interruptions or concerns.

Is there a button to turn off PS5?

Yes, there is a physical button on the PS5 to turn it off. This button is located on the front of the console. If your PS5 is positioned vertically, the power button will be at the bottom, and if it is positioned horizontally, it will be on the right side. To turn off the console using this button, press and hold it for about three seconds until you hear two beeps. The first beep indicates that the console has recognized your press, and the second beep signals that the PS5 is powering down completely. This method provides a straightforward way to turn off the PS5 without using the controller.

How to turn on PS5 with controller?

To turn on your PS5 with the controller, first ensure that the DualSense controller is properly paired with the console. If it is, simply press the PS button located in the center of the controller between the two analog sticks. This will send a signal to the PS5, prompting it to power on. You should see the light on the console illuminate and hear a beep indicating that it is starting up. If the controller does not turn on the PS5, ensure it is charged and properly connected via Bluetooth or a USB cable.

How do I shut up my PS5?

To silence your PS5, you can adjust various settings to reduce or eliminate noise. Start by ensuring the console is in a well-ventilated area to prevent the fan from working overtime. You can also lower the volume or mute the system sounds by navigating to Settings > Sound > Audio Output and adjusting the volume or selecting the mute option. Additionally, if the disc drive is making noise, make sure there are no discs inserted when not in use. If the noise persists, it might be worth checking for any firmware updates that could optimize the system’s performance or consulting Sony support for further assistance.

Is it safe to turn off PS5 using the power button?

Yes, it is safe to turn off your PS5 using the power button, provided you do it correctly. To safely power down the console, press and hold the power button on the front of the PS5 for about three seconds until you hear two beeps. The first beep indicates that the console has recognized the button press, and the second beep signifies that the PS5 is beginning the shutdown process. This method ensures that the system shuts down properly without risking data corruption or hardware damage. Avoid abruptly unplugging the console or using the power button for an immediate shutdown, as these actions can cause issues with the PS5’s operation and data integrity.

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